Christmas at the Park

This is not a good start to the new year – still catching up on posts! This is what happens when you take way too many photographs. Anyway, Christmas Eve was spent at home with the family. We had a quiet dinner and packed up early since we planned to go to the park the following day.

But that was not to be due to a few reasons *coughexcusescough*. So we rescheduled the park thing for Boxing Day instead. It was cold out but with the sun shining the whole day it was quite pleasant too.
But before that, let me share a couple of photos I took on the eve of Christmas Eve, uh, the 23rd December to be exact. We’re still trying to use up all the Entertainer dining vouchers and we felt like a bit of Italian at the time so we went to Carino’s at the DFC. I love their lighting and quaint decor!
We ordered from the grill and the steaks were massive! Plus they give you a side order of pasta which was a meal in itself. My Tuscan Ribeye was superb though with the caper sauce!
This is Bernie’s attempt at depth of field. He’s slowly getting converted into loving the bokeh! Hahaha! My evil plan is working. 🙂
So then, for Christmas dinner we were in charge of the prawns. At the Sharjah fish market, we bought 3 kilos of large prawns – yum! The sky had been doing some lovely things recently and I was glad I had the camera with me to capture this. There was this distinct streak of blue across the sky. I have no idea what it was but it was ohsopretty. Dang, I really need to invest on some filters!No photos of Christmas dinner. We were quite upset about not being able to spend Christmas with the kids so we just sat down for a quiet dinner. We attended the Tagalog Christmas mass at St. Mary’s in Dubai – the place was packed with so many Filipinos and I’m still surprised that I did not bump into anyone I know! Since we cancelled the park, we headed to Festival City again. Had a bit of walk around the marina side and caught some pretty sights.
Nope, this is not a balloon. I think it’s a street lamp actually.
It was either Avatar or Sherlock. The detective won. It was a good film too. I quite enjoyed it.
I didn’t bring a tripod so this shot was taken with the camera propped on the wall and set on timer. I just didn’t trust just any passerby to take a proper photo of us.
I was giving Bernie further lessons on depth of field and bokeh. He agrees with me on the aesthetics of the principle.
After our walk, we came across a presentation at the atrium on our way to the cinema. These kids played a few short pieces on violins accompanied by a piano. They were students of the Russian Music School in Dubai. They were quite awesome too!Meanwhile, back at the homestead, I took photos of a couple of gift items. Those are silver stud earrings for my girls plus some fancy rings. I had hoped to give these to them personally. 😦
The boss gave me this huge Christmas hamper, well box really, and I opened it up when we got back home. There was so much in it! Sparkling juices, balsamic vinegar, Christmas pudding, jams, pickles.
And of course, chocolates! These are not to be touched and will be given to the kids. I put them away so that I won’t be tempted.
This brings me to the topic of this blog post: Christmas at the park. Finally, I hear you say! Sorry to disappoint but I don’t have that many photographs. I was busy knitting actually! But when I took out the camera I got these.
There was plenty of conversation, mostly catching up and reminiscing about Christmas back home.
Even Ruby’s earrings were Christmassy! She was the one who brought the Christmas cake on the first photo.
Yep, still talking and having a great time. Don’t let the sunshine fool you – the wind chill factor was quite strong that day!
They kept on talking and I kept on clicking. Three brothers in a row. The two younger ones are in Manila and New Zealand.
Cameras are not allowed in the beach here in Dubai so I had to use the 18-250mm to take a photo of the boats out at sea for some sailing. I think I spotted a couple of windsurfers as well.
That was our Christmas. It was alright, even if we were children-deprived. How was yours?

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