Winter Colours

The final shipments of the club yarns I subscribed to this year are finally starting to arrive.

On Christmas Day I came by the office to pick up a gift hamper from the boss and saw that the post mailbag had been collected. A quick ruffle through the contents revealed the last of the Film Club from Her Majesty, the Skein Queen. 🙂

It’s a skein called Love in the same Exquisite yarn base. The theme and the colour is inspired by the film, Love Actually. It’s a pretty mix of different shades of red. A nice little finale to the club. Thanks to the poinsettias at the Festival City for providing the perfect backdrop for the pretty yarn.

The November shipment of Yarntini’s Semi-solid Club had arrived too, a little later than usual since the original mailing went missing and Jessie so kindly sent me a replacement. Deep, dark, rich blue….just yummy.

This other skein was destashed from a Raveler who didn’t quite like the shade. Not sure what she didn’t like about it because it’s so pretty – just look it!

Yarntini is famous for self-striping and variegated colourways but judging by the club shipments I’ve had so far I think Jessie is doing mighty fine with this semi-solid thing as well.

Can you just imagine her colourways in a nice merino-cashmere-nylon base? Yarntini heaven!