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Just like my knitting projects, I would like to end 2009 without any blog drafts. This post is one of a few still marinating in that folder which I want to now share with you.

We were invited to a wedding in Dubai recently and jumped at the chance to witness a full service wedding (my brother’s a few years ago was the short, intimate version but still quite pretty). Of course we had to bring the camera along!

There were 3 official photographers on the scene, one of them was my brother-in-law Larry. So I pretty much snuck in when I could get a chance. Not easy.

Here is the lovely couple just after the ceremony.
Dubai Exotic Limos provided the bridal entourage safe passage from the hotel to the church and then back.
The newly weds will be living in Canada. The bride’s father still lives and works in Dubai, so does the groom hence the wedding was held here at St Mary’s Church.
The bridesmaids looked stunning in their purple ensemble. Their first dance together as husband and wife. The reception was held at the Crowne Plaza hotel.
One of the traditional wedding dances in the Philippines is where guests dance with the bride and the groom but before doing so they pin notes of every denomination onto the bride’s or groom’s clothes. It can be pretty colourful!I will not post the other photos here since I want to keep this blog rating as G. Guests were chanting for the groom to take the garter from his bride’s legs with only his teeth. As you can imagine, it brought much laughter to the entire room!
The reception hall had a low ceiling so instead of the bride throwing the bouquet over her shoulders as per tradition, they did a pass the parcel type of game.
And this lucky lady ended with the bouquet after a couple of rounds.
The throwing of the garter was a much frenzied event so no proper photos from me of that one. The cake was yummy though. The official photographer was not very creative and kept missing out very good photo opportunities so we took it upon ourselves to get the newlyweds to pose.Congratulations once again, Ryan and Melodie! I wish you every happiness in your new life together.

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