The biggest secret

Christmas is one of the best times of the year here at work. The trees go up with the fairy lights and the tinsel and the poinsettias and suddenly everyone’s mood gets lifted up.

Oh and of course we have carols on the iPod round-the-clock.
It also means that we have our annual Secret Santa! Our reveal day was held on the morning of the 15th Dec at the office lobby, which now looks so much smaller since our number has more than doubled since last year.

Say hello to everyone!Tim, of course led the reveal and gave out the first of the presents.This has to be one of the most ingenously wrapped presents: a nice cheerful ribbon and bow around a Zurich policy document pack! I didn’t get to see what was the present inside but I hope it wasn’t just a policy document.
One of the best presents this year was this caricature of Thinesh. Pretty cool huh?
AJW blows up his sheep while JW looks on, with envy? Someone give him a plastic blow-up sheep!
Hands down the best Secret Santa present this year: Internet for Dummies given to our IT Administrator. Let’s hope he doesn’t really need it.
Funniest gift this year: Ironman boxers for JM. Last year it was the Superman boxers for PC. Are we following a superhero boxer trend? Whatever will it be next year? My Secret Santa gave me a Borders gift card which I will use this Christmas weekend. not sure what to buy yet, a knitting book, a novel or an accessory?

What did you wish from Santa this year?

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