The UAE Knitters held a second round of swap recently, and although things got delayed for various reasons, I think everyone has now received their packages. I collected mine from Craft Land the other night and I have been spoiled silly!

Ruth put together this awesome package for lucky me.
The swap has a book theme and then customized around each recipient’s preferences. Ruth has me down to a T! Although I already have a copy of the book she gave me, I still appreciate it. And this time, I might even actually read the book!

There are two seashore scented candles which I don’t think I will light up soon. I like looking at them and smelling them too much to light them up.

And, get this, 4 skeins of yummy yarn! All from her favourite purveyor of yarny goodness, The Knitting Goddess. This is a merino-tencel base sock yarn in a yummy colour that I know would make Hala’s heart palpitate just a bit. I’m thinking shawl for this one. Maybe that new Citron Shawl from Knitty?
This baby right here is 100% Blue Faced Leicester. I love the mix of colours and will probably knit a pair of socks with this skein. I’m thinking another Knitty Winter pattern, Diversion? I think the colour changes would work well with those waves of garter stitch on the pattern.
This next skeins intrigued me the most. Yes, skeins because it has two skeins of complimentary colourways. It’s called Same Difference and this colourway is Neon. I ‘m not usually a fan of light colourways but this is growing on me. Ruth suggested socks with contrasting heels and toes. If there is enough yardage maybe I will do a Calvin & Ripple with these.
Thanks again, Ruth! enjoy your holidays back home and see you in 2010.

Now for something of an update. I am making small progress on my Sundara sweater which was supposed to have been knitted back in November. NaKniSunSweMo project, but there are far too many other projects taking my attention away from this. I am not bored with it, just my hands itching to work on others.

I knit a few rows each time I get and now have about 6.5″ of the body as prescribed on the pattern. Another 6.5″ and I start the bottom edging and then sleeves. Sound simple right? Great thing about top down, raglan sweaters: you can try them on as you go!

I love love love the colour. And, Eibee, sorry no you can’t have this purple sweater because it’s way too big for you. This is Tea Leaves Cardigan by Melissa LaBarre using Sundara Sport Merino in the Poppy colourway which I acquired through a destash.

I love the yarn. I love the pattern, which is simple and easy to follow. I’m debating now whether to do full sleeves or not, I guess we’ll see how much yarn I have left. Also I’ve been reading about the buttonband pick-ups. I’ve never done it before so really unsure how to do the “3 sts for every 4 rows” thing. And I want to do buttonholes all the way down the front, not just two or three at the top. That kind of sweater does not really help me since I am wide at the tummy.

Special shout-out to Rebecca for her generous, awesome help with the knitting math.
If I were to do this again I think I would add one or two more repeat of the garter stitch rows. Or add more stockinette rounds in between them to space them out a bit.
So what are you knitting right now?

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