Got rained on

Oh look! A photograph of me! And one that’s not blurry or out of focus too. Imagine that.This was taken last Sunday (13th Dec) at the start of the drinks reception I helped rganised for our clients. It was supposed to be held outside, on our parking lot as usual and with about 200 or so guests, clients and friends. But guess what, we had rain, thunder and lightning all weekend long and the worst came on Sunday.

An urgent email and several phone calls went out in a flurry to make sure no one dared swim through the lake that had formed on the road across our office. Plus driving in that weather was a recipe for disaster.

However since the caterers were going to charge us for the food that would go to waste, we decided to hold a scaled-down version of the event, indoors and with just a few invited guests plus our guys. We have never hosted so many people in our little reception area.
This is Christophe and his girlfriend, Katie, who is the loveliest girl ever. She had two thumbs up from everyone at work. Christophe, you should marry this pretty, pretty girl!
I was going nuts with the depth of field, and poor Omar was on my viewfinder.Uh-oh, sour-faced Phil. Did you not get your beer, mate? Phil is a good friend of the company and always up for fun all the time. Admin guys and girls with Richard (tall Brit guy in the red tie) and Thinesh in the stripey tie.AJW provided lots of ops for funny photos and fun! I was told that he kept on snogging all the girls! Yeah, he was drunk.Ah, nice group photo of some of the guys, just before the guests arrived.
Thinesh, who owns an EOS 450D took this photo for us. He had to adjust the di-optric levels to be able to focus properly.
The entire Admin team snuck into one of the meeting rooms to get this group photo taken. I think Maria sent it out as our annual e-card to all of our Providers and colleagues.This post has been on my draft folder for a while so pardon the tardiness. Next up, photos from the gala dinner. Got over 500 to process!

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