Sundara Secret Santa Swap 2009

Otherwise known as 4S over on Ravelry’s Sundara Yarn Love Group.

I received my package today from Marisol. This is what I found inside the box.
That’s a bar of Mitchells Wool Fat Soap, ‘Stitch ‘n Bitch Design Journal, a cute sheep measuring tape, a necklace that looks like Christmas lights, a set of cute stitch markers and a skein of Sundara Sock in Eggplant over Blue.

Talk about being spoiled! Thanks, Marisol!

At first I couldn’t figure out what the cute sheep thing was. Then I pulled the round thing on top and it revealed a cm/in tape measure inside. How clever! Marisol also left a note on the tag of the necklace: twist to light.
And this is what happens when you twist the silver knob! It was hard to capture all of the lights twinkling. This would come in handy on Sunday for our company drinks reception. I’ll be like the light leading the way for our guests. 🙂
Needles to say, the yarn is beautiful. What’s even more exciting about it is that it has the old label, before Sundara had the cat, the girl and the ball of yarn.I love the streaks of blue in this very rich purple colourway. I’m thinking plain vanilla soc

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