New Moon on the Rise

In our quest to use up all the Entertainer vouchers we received this year, Bernie and I went to the Dubai Mall for a bit of Saturday brunch at the Organic Food and Cafe restaurant. I’ve only ever been to this restaurant once, at the Emaar Business Park branch a couple of years ago when a work colleague invited us over. It was good so I had high hopes for this brunch.

But before that we had to take photos around the mall. I swear my LIFPG instructors will flunk me if they see this photo. I know, I know….overexposed to Sunday! What to do, yanni? I have no polarizer on the 18-250mm lens.
Red is difficult to photograph but this Harley parked at the atrium was so tempting.
The restaurant was still quiet as they just opened for brunch. Funky lights up on the ceiling! Made out of the bottles of distilled water they were selling.
Onto the food! We started with the Cream of Asparagus Soup and some breads. Yummy. Yes, yummy despite that awful sickly green colour.
The salads were amazing too. I especially loved the Brown Rice with Pineapples.
Okay, it’s strange that I don’t have any photos of the main dishes, but one that I loved was the Baked Eggplant and Potato. Keep in mind, everything that they were serving is organic. Right down to the fresh apple and orange juices. After the main meal we had a big cup of organic peppermint tea.
Dessert! There were a lot of items to choose from so we decided to pace ourselves. We started with the fresh pineapples and this small cup of chocolate cake with a marshmallow cream topping. It was delicious!
Then came the thing we were gawking at since we came in: blueberry cheesecake. Sadly, it did not live up to our expectations. It was still okay, but nothing too spectacular. So I went back and picked up a slice of delicious Pecan Pie.
The meal was quite filling and enjoyable. We could have gone for seconds but we were due at the cinema to see New Moon so we couldn’t linger even if we wanted to. With the nice yellow lighting I just had to take a photo of the FLS which accompanied me that day. That difference in colour is going to bug me till the day I die so I promised myself that next time I knit a sweater I will alternate skeins, even if it means taking 3 months to knit the thing!
I’m knitting a pair of socks in this photo. Not! I was frogging back about 5 rows in the Gumdrops pattern because I made such a dumb mistake. All sorted though.
After lunch and about a 10 minute walk from the restaurant to the cinema level (I swear this mall is going to make my legs and feet drop off!), we met up with friends at work who were watching the movie with us. A quick break in the ladies’ room meant photo time!
Would you believe that this young lady is mom to a 2-month old baby boy? Well, she is and look how cute she looks!
I won’t review the movie here but just wanted to say that I like the film version better. Full stop. After the cinema, we did a bit of shopping then headed to the Festival City for some fireworks, which didn’t happen where we thought it would so got no firework photos to show you. We did have ice cream at Marble Slab. Yum.

Ahh, I love my Nifty Fifty!
What I do have are a couple of simple night shots. From across the water, I love these colours at night.
Long exposure experiment #1. At the risk of overexposing the shot, I set the timer to about 4 seconds I think so that the wheel could complete it’s rotation. It actually overlapped as you can see, and thank goodness exposure was okay.
Hopefully next time I’ll be able to get into some of that firework action.

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