Nearly there

Christmas trees are up. Yes, plural because we have three of them in the office.

We are ready to host guests for our annual drinks reception. At the same time details are being finalized for our gala dinner on Tuesday night. It’s going to be amazing!

My work mates helped me double check my camera settings today. Or maybe they just tricked me into taking their photos again.
That’s one the trees outside. It has a twin on the other side of the main door.
This is something that Tim cooked up for our gala dinner goody bag. A Greatest Hits of 2009 compilation. I had help in hunting down the mp3’s for this collection and, Lee you will be so proud of me, I pulled out some rusty PS’ing skills and put an album cover together.
I cannot remember who made the vector brushes, but whoever you are, thank you very much!
I do know that the swirly brush used on the tracklist page is by Jason Gaylor.
I can’t wait to see everyone’s reaction to this little surprise!

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