My sister and her kids are off to Manila tomorrow evening. Lucky them. They get to have a Filipino Christmas. With my kids!

We met at the Sahara Centre earlier today for a spot of supper, a bit of catching up and taking photos of course! Here is my sister and her son, my nephew and godson Ronan.
That can of olive oil is for our Mother, courtesy of my brother. Mom loves olives and olive oil.
My brother did lose a lot of weight. Good for him! And great job by my sis-in-law Cathy!
Uh-oh, someone’s not in a good mood. What could possibly be wrong, Isabelle?

Well then, this is much better! When her dad took the camera, she dropped the crayons she was pre-occupied with and started posing right away.

Cotton candy fun!

The game’s giving Ronan a headache! He’s quite attached to his PSP.

My brother-in-law will follow them on the 20th Dec and they’ll all have Christmas and New Year’s back home. I wish I could stuff myself into their luggage – I want to go home and be with my kids. Especially for the holidays.

This will be one long, lonely Christmas.

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