As I was having my morning coffee last Saturday, a thought crossed my mind: I fancy going to the beach today!

I asked the nephews who immediately said yes. Bernie said yes too. So without thinking too much about it, we packed up a bit of the pasta I made for lunch, some bread, drinks and our swimming gear and headed out to Mamzar Beach. I think we got there at a little after 3pm.

It was perfect. The sun was up but the wind kept it cool. So cool in fact that the first dip into the water’s edge made us want to turn back. But we soldiered on thinking that we could just stay with the water up to our necks to avoid freezing to death. It worked for a while and we even managed to actually enjoy the waves.

We even had some friends of the aquatic kind who darted around our legs as we stood in the water. I think the fish was attracted by the heat, whatever little of it which was coming out of us anyway. It was kinda neat.

After a shower and a change of clothes, we had a snack and then it was sunset. Kuya Larry and I grabbed our gear and found a spot on the other side of the beach from us. We had to be careful not to be seen though since photography is not allowed, or frowned upon, whichever.

With my 18-250mm lens, I got these photos. Nothing to shout about but I kinda like them.
I like it when the airplanes fly and leave that trail across the clear blue sky.

And the sun goes bye-bye. All this happened within 5 minutes. I hesitated about switching lenses in between since it could be gone before I could unscrew the caps.
Still plenty more photos left to blog about, so little time.

How’s everyone doing?

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