We did it!

Bernie and I, along with over a hundred other students recently completed the Digital Basic Photography Class through Lightform International Filipino Photographers Guild. Or LIFPG. Phew! What a mouthful. It’s actually better to say Lightform, not sure why they don’t do it. Anyway, we have the certificates to prove it which we can put up on the wall of our future studio, insha’allah! LOL!
Here’s me with my certificate and my sister-in-law looking on. She also completed the course with us.And there’s Bernie. The dress code was formal so no matter how much he hated it he had to wear a tie and proper trousers and dress shoes.We sat in a table with the rest of our group, which by the way won the Most Cooperative Group award. Yay! I put it down to the fact that we consist of four married couples – married life grounds you down like nobody’s business. Plus the singles in our group are pretty levelheaded folks too! Oh and add that to the fact that Ashley volunteers to host short programs for the group and Eduard helped design the new Lightform wesbite. Check it out on lightform.ae. Here’s Ashley posing with her entry to the competition and her final project.Joseph trying out Ashley’s guitar. Orly and Pauline, beautiful couple. Both Nikon users. 🙂Another Nikon couple, my sister-in-law Linell and her husband, Bernie’s older brother Larry…
…who incidentally also completed Level 2 of the course which means he is now a certified photographer. He will be covering our office gala dinner next month.
Level 1 of the course starts in January and I think I’m the only one signing up from the family. I want to do this because I think the skills I learned are enough but not quite there yet if I want to take this as seriously as a heart attack.
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