Have you ever seen a wheelchair float?

Blog post catch-up time! Here we go.
Early this month, the company I work for entered 4 teams to go paddling down a man-made canal in aid of children with special needs. This is the third year of the event and
Globaleye are the reigning undefeated champions of the DFC Canal. Hoorah!

I wanted to show my support and therefore volunteered my dear husband into one of the teams. Aren’t I the clever one? The new batch of caps and shirts arrived just in time for the event so we had team spirit at least.
Here are some of the guys chilling out just before the start of the race. Chilling out is a figure of speech here since the afternoon sun was directly on us.

After a shaky start, the first race got under way and whaddaya know, our team won. Bernie, Steven, Dan and Rob paddled their way to victory with plenty of distance from the runner-up team. So they moved up to the next round.
One of the first teams to volunteer was this group of young rascals: Inge, Nadine, Sachin and Stefan. They look confident, don’t they? Well, sadly they didn’t win their round and were promptly out of the race. I only managed to catch a bit of their race and saw Stefan was the only one left on their boat at one point!
Tim’s little darling daughter Chloe came and I just had to take this photo. She was so sweet and you could tell Daddy dotes on her so much. Stef, what are you doing ruining this beautiful shot?!
Tim captained his original team for the next round. Being ex-Royal Navy, he takes to water just like a duck!
And there they go. The team in front consists of an ex-Army dude so it was a great race.
Chaos broke lose when some of the teams didn’t touch the rope at the turn and cheated their way back. Tim had to jump out of his wheelchair and swim out to the rope then back to his chair in order to qualify their win.
Tired much? Tim slumped on the wheelchair after nearly missing the qualifying round.
There was a bit of a break before the semi-finals started so I had time to take photos of everyone. Rob seemed to have been enjoying the nice day out.
Even Princess, Stefan’s and Kelly’s little pup was loving all the attention from the grown-ups and the kids alike.
Little Ethan was probably wishing his Dad would get him a puppy.
The young ones. Shame they didn’t focus their energy into the race. They would have been a shoo-in!
Saeed, one of Tim’s friends and an avid supporter of charitable causes talks shop with Rob.On the semi-final round, Bernie’s team won so they moved up to the finals. Ethan wanted to sit on the chair for that round so they let him.
Andrew going for three-peat! Tim sat this round out and Rob took his usual place instead.
There was a bit of scuffle with another team who were trying to hold Rob back to force their way around our team. The judges were crap about violations.
Andy T proud of his boys. Ethan enjoyed being taken around for a ride on the boats.
Nick, the organiser talking to Tim and Andrew about some technicalities.
Aww, Stef, Kelly and Princess….told him he could use this for their Christmas card this year and I won’t even ask for royalties. 🙂
Jay Ray…sadly he didn’t even got a chance to get on the boats. Next year, mate.
Group photo! The sun was terrible that day. I got burned after being out there for only 15 minutes. I have no doubt that we will be back next year.
Andrew was so happy to get his pink jute bag. LOL!
And we are the champions! Each member of the team took home a crystal plaque, a gift certificate from the Festival City and free 2-month membership at Fitness First. Cool huh?
Grabbed this photo from the event organizers. I knew I should have stood on the side to avoid the darned glare from the sun.

Next year I will try and convince them to put in an all-girls team. What do you think?

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