All about me

The 23rd day of November each year is all about me.
Sheesh, how narcissistic is that statement, huh? But hey, yes, yesterday was my day. My birthday. I think I deserve to post about me instead of things related to me for a change, right?

Yes, I turned another year older, or as Kyle XY put it, another year closer to death. Yikes. I am not afraid to admit that I am now 38 years old. Don’t feel like it really. I conditioned my mind to always feel around 24-ish, stress on the
ish. But my body somehow didn’t get the memo.
The first birthday greeting I received was at 12.30am from my husband. Yes, that’s the time I rolled into bed yesterday. Then I had a text message from my father, screaming Happy Birthday to me :).
I received the usual higs and kisses from colleagues at work. It’s always embarrasing but none more so than when Tim walked up the stairs singing Happy Birthday in his “choir” voice, of course the acoustics of the office meant his voice resounded all over the place. So embarrasing I tell you. He came up and gave me a bouquet of white lilies and cabbage roses, so pretty. I then had another bunch of flowers from the girls plus two birthday cakes. Yes two!

And yet I don’t look very happy, do I? Nah, just listening intently to someone.
I called my kids and apparently I ruined their master plan on how they were going to greet me. I spoke to each of them except Viel who was still on her way home from school. I. MISS. MY. KIDS. SO. MUCH. There’s Tim and the bouquets of flowers.
Ooof! Not the top of my head! My hair’s thinning there.
Lovely flowers. Eibee would definitely love teh white lilies which are now all in full bloom.
Tim so kindly agreed to take this photo of us. Unfortunately I had the 50mm lens on and he couldn’t get all of us in the frame. Not bad for someone who has not taken any lessons, right?
After work, Bernie picked me up and we headed for dinner. We’re not the fancy schmancy types and since we were both really starving by then, we decided to go to Wagamama’s at Crowne Plaza. It was amazing as always.
Hmm, food photography, anyone? The teriyaki beef was just amazing.
We walked around the block a bit to enjoy the cool evening air. Across the road from us was the Emirates Towers Hotel, venue of our upcoming gala dinner. It was a beautiful sight but with the 50mm’s limited view I could only show you this bit. A parking meter acted as my support to steady this shot.
It was a great birthday, but could have been better if my kids were here. I missed the hugs and the homemade greeting cards.

Thanks to Edelyn for taking over camera duty and for the lovely necklace and purse set. Thanks to Hazel for the gorgeous brooch.

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