A day at the park

I am behind on blogging, it’s not even a joke. I have a wedding, a graduation and a farewell party to blog about but haven’t got the time to sift through all the photos and upload them, not to mention write about them too! If anyone has a spare 24 hours of every day, please can you send some my way? KTHX.

Two weeks ago, after the Clean Up Drive, we went to Mamzar Park for a barbecue. Swimming was mentioned, even suggested but with a 7am start, it was the last thing I had in mind. So off to the park we went. It seemed quiet but everyone is on the beach, on the grass, by the barbecue, having fun.
My mates from the office came along with us, as a compensation for making them get up early on a Friday to pick up rubbish along the beach. Fair trade, right? Lovella was so happy that I was feeding her. See how high she jumped?
And it wasn’t just her, it’s all of them! Well, except for Franco who was being grumpy. 😦
I am never short of subjects when I am around these guys!
Yes, we were not supposed to cook pork in the barbecue area. But do we listen? Heck no! Bring on the pork bellies and the spare ribs! Don’t click on this next photo if you are squeamish, Why? Bees. As in bzzzzzzzzzz honey bees.This was part of the honey bee’s lunch I think.Have you ever met my brother and sister-in-law? Here they are. Looking like they were on their first date whereas they have been married for 3 years I think.
Short and sweet, like honey from the bees. Ack! Didn’t mean to remind you of the bees!

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