And now the knitting

I’ve been knitting. Yes, can never put the needles down even if I wanted to.

If beer lovers have Oktoberfest, sock knitters have Socktoberfest. Yeah! Okay, that may have sounded truly geeky but I bet you it’s a lot more interesting when knitters knit socks all month long than people getting drunk on beer all month! Not to mention it is a heck of a lot more productive!

I officially entered my Escalator Socks for Socktoberfest, which I managed to cast off with 30 minutes to spare. It was a bit of a chore for me since I aimed to finish 4 pairs of socks in the month. I finished only 3 and didn’t even get to pick up the two WIPs I have. Regardless, I feel good about completing 3 pairs and also continue to exceed my 12-pair target for 2009.

This is the pair of Escalator Socks, fresh off the needles and onto their recipient’s feet, who was more than game for the photo session.
The pattern is so simple, just knits and purls, but it was engaging enough. The yarn is Malabrigo Sock which I bought in the natural colourway and hand-dyed a while ago. I love how the colours knitted up. This yarn is so soft too but I think a tad too light for socks. Definitely perfect for shawls!
This pair was supposed to be entered in the SolidSocks October competition as well but I didn’t post the FO photo in time. I did wonder if it would qualify since the colour was variegated, but the forum Mod said they were okay. I am now kicking myself for not insisting on posting the photo before I went to bed that night!
Project: Escalating Blue
Pattern: Escalator Socks by Sara Amoroso
Yarn: Malabrigo Sock Natural, dyed with KoolAid and silk paints
Needles: 2.25mm
Cast on: 11 Oct 2009
Cast off: 31 Oct 2009
Notes: No mods at all, did an extra long cuff which worked out well.

One other finished pair is the Bricker Socks which I have not been able to photograph properly until now. This is a present for someone in the family and I am hoping it is appreciated. As you can see it is also a knit-purl combination so between this and the Escalators I am just about done with this stitch combination for socks! I do love the finished product, so stretchy and the yarn is so comfy.
It doesn’t look much but the basketweave-like pattern is so pretty. This is about the closest I can get the true colour of the yarn.
Project: Brown Bricks
Pattern: Bricker Socks by Anne Hanson
Cascade Yarns Heritage Solid, colourway Bark
Cast on:
26 Sept 2009
Cast off:
18 Oct 2009
5 repeats on the leg, 6 repeats on the foot. supposed to do these toe-up using Cat Bordhi’s Riverbed Architecture but I chickened out in the end!

At the moment I am working on:
  1. Basic Ribbed Socks for a nephew using Opal Hundertwasser
  2. Lacy Baktus for a friend using Socks That Rock Mediumweight, colourway Bella Coola
  3. Tea Leaves Cardigan for myself, using Sundara Sport Merino
  4. Masonic Lodge Socks for Joseph using DeKay Duet
I still have others which are snoozing at the moment but will post about them later.
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