Clean up the World

The Dubai Municipality sponsors a clean-up drive every year and Lightform (our photography guild in Dubai) helps to organize this event. Last week, Bernie and I joined more than a dozen local Filipino communities to clean up a stretch of Mamzar Beach.

It was a glorious day, a little hot afterwards but the sky was beautiful and everyone had a great time.Even kiddies helped pick up rubbish along the water’s edge.At the end of the 3-hours or so, this was how much trash we gathered in the nearby beach area. Astonishing how campers and beach-goers manage to leave so much trash even though there are trash bins dotted around the area.I entered what must be the smallest group in the campaign and signed up two of my colleagues from work. Bernie, Franco and Mark helped out as well. Next year I will definitely sign up again but perhaps try and get the company involved too. I think the 7am registration is a bit too much for some of my night-life loving colleagues, but if it’s for a good cause I am sure they will say yes.

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