At the Koubba

Every third Thursday of the month, the company holds a drinks reception as a way to socialize but also to welcome the newly inducted candidates who completed the training course that week. It’s also a very nice way to talk to each other outside the office, and in a more relaxed atmosphere. However Tim expects everyone to talk about business ideas and not just drink the bar down at his expense! Fair enough I say.

Last month we changed our usual venue from Club 8 to the Koubba Bar which is a mere couple of blocks up the road. We used this venue before when we held a Client Reception a few years ago. They were excellent and took really great care of us.

Since the weather has turned for the better, we decided to sit out in the terrace and watch the sun go down.

This is Andy T, our Managing Director.
Stephen, Dan (who wanted nothing to do with my camera that day) and Caroline
Oh look, there’s me and my glass of white wine
That’s Andy again with Phil, who is VP in our Sao Paulo office and was visiting that week
Some of the guys from down the “boiler room”: Sachin, Nadine, Inge and Ben
David or as we like to call him, Texas because that’s where he is from!
Jamil gives a thumbs up for the new venue!
Rania has also had enough of the camera!
Assaad and Heba having fun with the drinks
I wish I had my UV filter. This was heavily adjusted in Lightroom.
The magnificent facade of the Al Qasr Hotel
The Burj was witness to all of our merriment
The light was too tempting so I took this photograph
Took this shot off the fly and was surprised that it turned out okay. Tim thinks it’s alright too. I’ve been giving him photography tips since he purchased an EOS 1000D recently.

The wind towers of the Madinat stood guard as the night started to crawl in.
I am not sure if we will come back to this place but if we do I will take more and better photos.

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