Must be Wednesday

The start of the week is a distant memory. The weekend is just around the corner. Your to-do list looks like it hasn’t moved an inch despite working flat out. Must be Wednesday.

Last Friday, Bernie and I wandered around town trying to beat the final photography project submission deadline. He had this idea about capturing the Dubai Metro’s reflection on the body or mirror of a hybrid car. It would have been perfect since it would kill two birds with one stone. The birds being the project requirement and the Environmental Awareness Campaign photo competition entry and the stone being the photo of course.

Unfortunately the only hybrids we knew were the airport taxis. So we hired a GMC 4×4 and asked the driver to park near the Metro rail in Garhoud. I’ll spare you the details but we didn’t manage to get any decent photos done. This is one of the first test shots I took. You could just about see the train there on the mirror.
Bernie had to think of another concept and execute it before the end of the month. Yikes! Speaking of which….I need to get my photo printed and mounted!

I was bored at the photo studio waiting for the photos to print so I engaged this plant and convinced it to pose for me.
We did beat the deadline for the project submission and after walking for what seemed like miles, we crossed over to Bur Juman to grab some dinner. The moon was being cute so I stopped at the centre island and took this photo.
After dinner we stopped by a sporting goods shop to look at some trainers for me, but they had nothing good. As we walked out of the shop, this was right in front of me. I would not have forgiven myself if I didn’t whip the camera out and taken this shot.
On the way to the parking lot we came across the Pink Pledge Wall. I offered a pink ribbon for my aunt who is a breast cancer survivor. I would have signed up for the walk this Friday but it clashes with the Clean Up Drive at Mamzar Park. Maybe next year.
So, how’s your Wednesday shaping up so far?