I’m still here

Yes, you’re not rid of me yet. I’m just … well, busy is an understatement, spread too thin is too dramatic. So let’s just settle for pre-occupied.

I’m coming up for air to direct you to this link to the brand new Sundara Yarn Project Gallery.

The projects there by fellow Sundaraphiles are so awesome, I don’t know what I was thinking when I entered my Brambleberry Leyburns. Clearly I need to start knitting more with my Sundara Yarns so that I can enter the gallery contest every month.

I am almost over socks right now but still have secret projects to cast on and finish, not to mention I need to finish my entry to the SolidSocks October contest and my official Socktoberfest pair.

I received the pattern for Tea Leaves Cardigan today which is part of The Magnolia Society Sweater Club. It is so darned cute and the pattern is dead easy. But I don’t have enough Sundara Worsted Merino to complete even the smallest size. I have the Sport Merino but I’m not sure if I would like the fabric which would probably be a bit airy since I will need to knit at 5sts/in and with sport it might call for a 5.5mm.

I’m thinking about using my Estelle 100% Silk instead, as a test knit until my subscription for the Tosh Merino arrives. Hmm, gauge swatch here I come.

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