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If you think this has anything to do with that Michael Jackson movie, then you’re in the wrong blog. This is about the final exam day for the Basic Photography Class Batch 23.

I hope I won’t need a Model Release Form here; she’s blurred out after all. This is the tent they set up for the examiners.

As the old saying goes, early birds catch the worms. But in our case, early birds had to wait longer than those who arrived an hour or so later.
I rarely get my photograph taken, but ever since Bernie took the class I find myself the subject of photos more often. And look, it’s even sharp and properly exposed. I’m proud of my husband.Discussing exam strategies or doing some last-minute cramming ?
The exam consisted of 3 parts: Camera Handling, Technical Excellence and Actual Photo Shoot. They allowed us 3 minutes for the actual shoot and gave us the official CF and SD cards to record our images into. We were not allowed to delete any images and could only take one image within the given time frame. So the following images are not my final exam shots.
This poor tree and its roots was used and abused more times than I care to remember. At today’s photo evaluation session we got sick and tired of it after seeing it for the 20th time and we just kept on clicking to the next image. But it was good to see so many different angles of shooting.
Technical Excellence, or was it Expertise, I can’t remember, was a written and partial actual exam. They had 3 different types of 6 questions each and we had to use the camera to answer some of the questions. This is my depth of field shot, I love my 50mm and at f/1.8 it has the shallowest DOF in my kit.
One of the questions asked us to shoot an image applying the Rule of Thirds principle. Man, with so many objects around it was hard to find the most suitable one! This is my attempt.
We then had to show our answers and the photos to the examiners who graded us right away. I walked away with a perfect score. Yay!

Camera Handling was dead easy esp if you know your camera and know how to handle it. I was asked 3 questions: where is Aperture Priority, how do I set the picture style to Portrait and where was the DOF preview button. Aced it!

We have two more lectures I think until graduation day on the 13th Nov but between now and then we still have to shoot and submit a final project, participate in the annual clean-up drive and submit a photograph for a UAE-wide photo competition.

Who would have thought that trying to perfect your hobby was such hard work?

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