Walking for a cause

Times of great calamities bring Filipinos together and reveals their capacity for caring for one another. It is a sight to behold, and something that I hope we see more of not only in times of need but every day.

Last Friday, several Filipino communities got together for a fund-raising event called Walk for Life. The proceeds were going to the ABS CBN Sagip Kapamilya Foundation to help victims of the recent typhoons back in the Philippines. It was held at Safa Park in Dubai and the walking route was around the walk/bike path inside the park. Giordano provided the colourful shirts worn by the walkers and Western Union provided bandanas I think. Incidentally Giordano UAE’s main man Ishwar Chugani is a graduate of De La Salle University in Manila.

The giothon was headed by the marching band from United International Private School, where my kids used to go when they were still here. Kids, that’s Coach Roces right? Head coach of the sports teams in school.
There were a lot of our kababayans who braved the still hot weather to walk for a very worthy cause. Filipinos from major UAE organizations came forward and gave their support.

And there were non-Filipinos too!

Just one thing I want to say about all this fund-raising efforts all over the world: I think it is a testament to how much the Filipino people have lost faith in their government and its leaders when we choose to send funds and aid to charitable organizations instead of the government.

There was a news item on TV a few nights ago about the UN providing financial aid to the victims of the calamities but reiterated that they will oversee the administration of the aid directly and not involve the government. There was only one reaction in our household: YES! Yes, UN, you’re doing the right thing finally. Yes, do not entrust even a single cent of t
hat aid to Arroyo’s government because it will go to their pockets and help out their own first before it reaches those in the hardest hit areas where people have lost their homes, loved ones and everything else. Yes, UN, thanks for finally realizing that you cannot trust the current administration.

ABS CBN Foundations have proven beyond reasonable doubt that they are out to help the people. None of the Lopezes are running for public office. They are wealthy in their own right and certainly have no reason to keep all the monetary aid for themselves. Hats off to Gabby Lopez and everyone at ABS CBN!
I was not able to join the walk as I was waiting in line for the final exam in our photography class. More on that in the next post.

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