Veil of Leaves

Presenting the first full pair of socks knitted using Cat Bordhi’s New Pathways.

Veil of Leaves using Cedar architecture which is a cuff-down construction where the expansion is on the top of the heel, around the end of the leg. I’m not sure if this can be easily applied to other patterns since it involves increasing the stitches by a significant amount to accommodate the arch-to-heel measurement.
This is the first time I used MadTosh Sock as well. Not as squishy as I expected but still great to work with. The skein is from last year’s Magnolia Society shipment and due to the generous yardage, I ended up with a nice chunk of leftover.
I love how the veil of leaves cascade down the legs and eases smoothly into the plain foot and sole. Oh did I tell you this is officially my first pair completed for Socktoberfest 2009? Yes it is! And this also marks the 14th completed pair of socks I knitted this year.
I have one issue with the pattern on the book. It tells you to do the Cobblestone Cuff but what’s shown on the photo is a reverse Cobblestone Cuff, i.e. the purl side is showing. No wonder my cuff looks weird, I hate it actually but I can’t bear to frog back to the very beginning for it. Why tell you to do something when all the while show you something else? It’s difficult enough having to flip from one page to another when working the heel and toes and the actual pattern AND learn the new pathways all at the same time! Geez.
But that will not stop me from learning. I want to pick up and master the Riverbed Architecture which is probably the easiest one to apply to any sock pattern.

Project: Shell Leaves
Pattern: Veil of Leaves – Cedar by Cat Bordhi from New Pathways for Sock Knitters
Yarn: Madeline Tosh Sock, colourway Shell
Needles: 2.5mm
Cast on: Sept 7, 2009
Cast off: Oct 8, 2009
Notes: Knitting this for my sister-in-law. She knows I’ll be knitting a pair of socks for her but has no idea about the yarn or the pattern.

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