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I don’t know when this became a knitting blog, but since knitting has become a big part of my life I will not apologise for it. Besides I get to use my photography skills with all the yarn and the projects so it combines two of the biggest passions in my life right now.

Did someone say yarn? 🙂

I want to show off some of my recent acquisitions, which I am so excited about. Let’s start with one of my favourite indie dyers, Sundara Murphy. Part of her Year in Colour offering in July was the colourway Basil over Buttercup. Debbie placed an order for us and I asked for that colourway in 3 favourite yarn bases.

Starting with sock. Since these are almost limited edition colourways, I decided to get two skeins. However it looks like one skein is more basil and one is more buttercup. I’m thinking about doing a shawl with this so maybe will have to alternate between the two skeins. This might turn into a Milkweed Shawl.
One of my all-time favourite Sundara bases is her Fingering Silky Merino. It’s fine enough to give drape but sturdy enough to fit for a light cardigan. I love this yarn in this colourway.
I am not really a lace-weight knitter but again, limited edition, so I got the silk lace too. Give me about 6 months and I will try to knit up a really nice shawl with this. Maybe Luna Moth or Adamas.I will not lie to you, I still love Sundara Yarn. Her colours are so rich and pretty and usually limited so it’s so sought after. I have one skein of sock coming in from a Ravelry purchase and can’t wait to see it in the flesh.

Cashmere is another base which I have yet to work with. Pure cashmere, I reckon, is like sex on sticks. 🙂 I can’t think of what to do with this 400yard skein though! Maybe a lacy scarf? But I don’t have the patience to knit the same pattern for miles and miles!
Posh Yarn is one of the newest brands to come to my attention, thanks to Debbie and Jackie. In the last 2 months I managed to snag 4 skeins of this beautifully dyed skeins. The latest being Bolero in the Sylvia 4ply base which is a delicious mix of silk and merino. I’m thinking of knitting another Multnomah shawl with this one.
I was recently stalking the ISO thread in Ravelry when I came across someone who was selling sock yarns by the lot, and these are yarns which I have not seen before. After a few PMs we settled on a sale and she sent me the yarns. A few days ago, they arrived and I couldn’t be more excited. Here are the 4 skeins who found their way to me in Dubai, via New York from Illinois.
Cider Moon Flurry in the Midnight Special colourway is a nice shade of blue. It’s light fingering so I think it will become a shawl instead of socks.
Yarn Love Marianne Dashwood is a yarn I have heard much about but have not really checked out. It’s a nice fluffy base and dyed to resemble a Plum Cake. The purple shades are good enough to eat!
This skein is so squishy! It’s dkKnits Technicolor Dream Toes. This skein apparently is a club skein, and the first shipment too! It’s so pretty.
And we come to the pièce de résistance. Yes, I got a skein of Bugga! YAY! So this disproves the myth that this yarn does not exist. 🙂 It is so sought-after that nothing ever stays in any shop for longer than a few minutes.It’s a very nice rich red and the softest base ever. What did sock knitters do before merino-cashmere-nylon blends?
Just look at it! Look at it! Oh but it is so much better to pet and squish it. What do I do with this skein? Shawl? Socks? Ideas please. Thanks. And big big thanks to Stormy for the purchase. Glad you were able to part with the Bugga!

Okay, enough yarn, here’s what I’m working on right now. Bricker socks in Cascade Heritage, coloruway Bark. It’s for my brother-in-law and it’s going great. One thing that stands out with this pattern is that the heel pattern is reversed, i.e. you slip on the wrong side. So I keep making mistakes and slipping on the public side and then realising I made a mistake so I frog back. I keep reciting a mantra on every row to keep my place. *slip 1, purl 1….*

Okay, that’s enough blogging for today. I’m going to go knit on these socks. Catch you on the flipside.

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