Blue Moon on Thursday

I can almost hear Simon Le Bon singing!

Sorry about the silly 80’s pop reference there. I am an eternal child of the 80’s.

Anyway, I am behind on posts again, but only because I still have so many photos from last week that I am uploading and downloading and moving between the home and office PCs, so bear with me.

I hope this post would help to distract you from the fact that I have not posted in a few days.

I never meant for this blog to become yet another knitter’s blog, but that’s one of the things I am passionate about so deal with it. 🙂 I broke my diet by plunging in and checking out these items sitting in my shopping cart over at Blue Moon Fiber Arts. Yes I have a lot of Socks That Rock skeins. Yes I cannot possibly outlive them at this rate. But these babies practically knit themselves once they get on the needles so I don’t see a problem.

Just look at these yummies and let me see you try and resist!

I have been admiring some of these colourways from the past Knit Alongs in the Socks That Rawk! group on Ravelry but until now have not found any reason to buy them. From left to right we have Valkyrie with some lovely deep purples, Basan with its rich orange and ochre shades, Crazy Lace Agate which should give interesting stripes, Oregon Red Clover Honey which I think is less orange and more clover honey and Pond Scum whose name doesn’t do the colours justice.
Another group shot please. Look at those colours on the Crazy Lace Agate! I can’t wait to see this knitted up.
Oregon Red Clover Honey was a colourway that caught my attention during the Q2 KAL. Tracybug did a pair of Shur’tugal in this colourway and I just fell in lve with it. I just signed up to knit a pair of Calvin & Ripple Socks for the Q4 KAL using this colourway. What can I say, I’m a sucker for shaded solids!
Again, the Shur’tugal KAL brought this colourway to my attention. Angeluna’s pair is so pretty that I had to look up the colourway immediately. I have other yarns in a similar shade of green: Sundara Sock Prickly Pear, Malabrigo Sock Lettuce, Miss Babs Yummy Frog Belly but this is the best green that I love by far.
I said I would avoid wild multis but this colourway is so muted that I love it. I bet the stripes would come out really nice too. Any suggestions on pattern?
I originally wanted to use Basan for the Q4 KAL but being mediumweight I thought it might be a bit too dense. I’m going to reserve this skein for something a little less busy. I love how it’s perfect for autumn! Okay we don’t have autumn here in Dubai but I can dream, can’t I?
I think this skein of Valkyrie will become Love Bites scarf for my daughter Eileen (yes you!). This scarf is otherwise known as True Blood scarf in some circles.

Moving on … I am not a big fan of alpaca, the short hairs bother me a bit but I have seen a lot of knitted scarves and cardigans out of alpaca and blends and I realise I love how soft and drapey it is. Thanks to Charmaine and Hala, I am a full convert.

I bought two skeins of Old Aunt Maiden Alpaca Silk, one for me in Gothic and one for Jackie in the limited edition colourway Ysolda.
Only 200 skeins in existence, not sure if OMAY will dye them again.
Here is the skein in Gothic which I will knit up as Scroll Lace Scarf, designed by Ysolda. The yarn is so soft.
Okay, show and tell’s over. I still have to:

  1. Do the laundry
  2. Go to the film studio and print the photos for tomorrow’s evaluation
  3. Study for the final written exam in photography class
  4. Prepare yarns and WIPs and FOs and the winder to bring along to the knitting group tomorrow
Have a great weekend everyone. To my kids who will be reading this at some point, I love you, I miss you. Be safe.
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