Zabeel Park Part Two

After that first day at the park, we had a long weekend due to the announcement of Eid Al Fitr. It was exhausting the first time and the weather was just not as inviting as we’d have liked so we stayed home the next couple of days and mustered enough energy only on the last day of Eid to go back down to the park.

It was glorious! Not as humid as the past few days and since it was not Ramadan anymore, we packed some munchies and drinks and pretended to be having a picnic. The park authorities said photography was not allowed. Excuse me?!? Well, I had a few more choice expletives about that but will not share it here since my kids read the blog.
Yep, silk kerchief was on hand as was my knitting.

The remnants of the Dream in Colour Smooshy in Lipstick Lava from Viel’s vest which I decided to knit up into a Felicity Hat to match.
And yes I am knitting the Noro Striped Scarf as and when I can, or have the patience to do so. This thing is just neverending!Did I ever tell you that my husband is a magician? Well yes he is. He can levitate!
Okay, no he can’t obviously levitate. It took about three attempts before I could get a clear enough shot of him as he jumped up. This is my little attempt at panning. and what do you know it’s a composition theme!

I still love Lines though. The support on the bridge that links one side of Zabeel Park to the other. It was hot that day, I think this was about 1pm when we crossed over.
And this is a mini-bridge on the other side of the park. I think the shot would have been better if the sun was overhead. I don’t quite like that shadow on the right side of the bridge. But makes you wonder what’s on the other side, yeah?
Dang those leaves and their shadow. I kinda like these benches though.
And this one too. Can you guess what the theme is? 🙂
Ah contrast for a change. It’s a bit underexposed but it was all I could do to take the shot at a slower shutter speed and not melt in the heat!
My attempt at Light and Shade at Caribou Cafe, Festival City.
Oooh Texture!
I love this photography class! Now off to decide which two photos (not shown here for obvious reasons) to submit for evaluation.

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