Jazzy Shawl

Winter in Dubai will be warm this year!

Yes, I finished my LSS shawl. The whole knitting and blocking process took exactly one week, but the project got stuck in the needles a few rows in while I finished another shawl. I still have a bad case of WIP-itis but trying very hard to finish whatever’s on the needles now before I cast on another project again.

The shawl was a great knit, just garter stitch for miles and miles. I made a mistake in the short rows though since I totally forgot that I was not supposed to wrap and turn, but simply just turn. But bleh, I went and wrapped every turn anyway and actually think it was better since the ruffly bits showed up more, I think.
The only glitch is that the turning round on the edge seems a little untidy that if I didn’t wrap. Still I love this shawl. My poor husband unknowingly modelled it for me. I stretched it out a bit when blocking because I wanted to be able to wrap it around me when it gets cooler. My officemates have seen the shawl and wants me to make them one. I said yes as long as they buy the yarn themselves!

Project: Jazz n Roll
Pattern: Shawl That Jazz by Samantha Roshak
Yarn: Luscious Single Silk, colourway Winter Solstice, 1.3 skeins
Needles: 5mm
Cast on: 30 Aug 2009
Cast off: 18 Sept 2009
Notes: As per above

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