New things

Baby’s got a new toy!
It’s the new Sigma lens with Optical Stabilizer in the 18-250mm range. At 630g, it is a bit heavy but gives me a wide range of apertures to choose from.

I tried it out as soon as we were out of the shop at Dubai Mall. I love the depth of field despite the fact that it is a telephoto zoom lens.
The stabilizer works really well and would definitely make handheld photography at higher apertures and longer shutter speeds worth the effort. Although I;ve read somewhere that lenses with stabilizers eat up a lot of battery life.
Now I need to buy filters so that I can take outdoor photos without having to crop in-camera to remove glares.
And I also (finally!) bought a cable release for my camera. Now I can do bulb photography without a hitch.

Okay I clearly need to practice more on my night photography skills.Can you see where this photograph is overexposed?
The Dubai Fountain was a big disappointment because the lights were too bright and the water pressure was too much, the fountain just looked like fuzz.
I like this lens for portraits.
Oooh lookie here. I wonder who’s the lucky recipient….if YOU’re reading this, you will have this by Friday. Love you!

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