Knitting Mayhem at Jackie’s

Before I show you the mayhem, let’s look at the pretty yarns first.

Charmaine so kindly got a second skein of this hand-dyed yarn from Knitabulous when it came out on the Etsy shop. it’s a colourway called Count Sockular. I think it’s perfect for Zombie Socks. Thanks, Charmaine!
Debbie and Jackie have been spreading the Posh Yarn love and I think me, Lindsay and Caroline are now converted. Debbie brought along some skeins which she could bring herself to spare and left it for everyone to call dibs on. She says this is my colour and although I am more of a blue/green/purple person, I do think this will make a great shawl. I’m thinking about knitting a Swallowtail Shawl with this Sylvia 2ply in the Tart colourway.
Again, I am not into girly pink but this skein is amazing. This is Diana 2ply in Flamingo, which I think will become a Featherweight cardigan for my sister. Jackie has a second skein which she so kindly offered to split with me so that I can complete the cardigan.
Purple! This is Sylvia 4ply in State, which I am not sure yet what to make. Maybe a shawl, can’t bear to knit this as socks. A while ago, Preeti posted about some silk yarns she found during her trip home to India. I followed the Rav link and the website and contacted the owners who immediately replied with a selection of the yarns and the colourways and the costs. The UAE knitters were trying to put an order together when Mohammed from Silk Indian emailed me to say he is visiting Dubai – and just in time for our meeting at Jackie’s!

We pre-ordered some yarns but asked Mohammed to bring whatever he can anyway. So around 3pm last Friday, he came in with a suitcase and opened it up in the middle of Jackie’s living room and all hell broke loose! Just look at these skeins.

Everyone’s digging in!
That skein on Debbie’s lap is made of the softest bronze colour but it was in dental floss weight so no one bought it. Or I think Jackie did.

These guys made a killing in less than 2 hours…very worthwhile trip to Dubai if you ask me.

Ruth, Caroline and Yanti discussing patterns from a book. Ruth is one of our newest members, who is such a lucky girl who will be at I Knit in London this weekend! I didn’t quite like the blue and green skeins I pre-ordered so I ditched them for more of the undyed worsted and a lace weight in the most subtle gold and purple colourway.

The coral worsted will be knitted up as a Liesl cardigan for my sister. The purple will be for Eileen and the lace weight will be a shawl, not sure which pattern yet.

There was plenty of yarn around, it was a knitting meet-up after all. This is the dining table with Debbie’s stash of Posh Yarn.
Caroline was contemplating the nice blue pure alpaca and Debbie kept saying how it was her colour.
Debbie in full Posh Yarn spokesperson mode. Oh and yes she dyed her hair a darker shade and had a trim too. Isn’t she pretty?
There were still a few swap packages left to be,er swapped and Debbie’s was one of them. here she is with the package from Jackie including two skeins of custom-dyed Skein Queen yarn. Lucky woman!
Jackie is absolutely thrilled with the purple banana fiber yarn she got from her swap package from Lindsay!
Our gracious and lovely hostess, Jackie with a glimpse of her husband Richard in the background who was tending after the sausages cooking in the oven.
And here are the sausages, all done and ready for eating!
Nope, that is not Debbie’s baby. This is Hamed, Shyma’s sweet little boy.
Jennifer also brought along wee Aren, who was mostly asleep or feeding.
This little lady has grown up so much sicne I last saw her. Just look at her! Isn’t she the cutest? This is Nyah, Jackie’s 2 year old daughter.

Next Friday: dyeing party in Abu Dhabi! Woo-hooo!

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