Loop the Loop

Earlier this year, it was suggested in the UAE Knitting Group on Ravelry that we put together our leftover and unwanted yarns into one bag, call it our Roaming Yarn Bag. It would be available to everyone who wanted to destash anything, and anyone can pick up whatever they want out of the bag.

I think I put a few in there, one of which was picked up by Lindsay and knitted up into a really cute hat. I picked up a wound-up skein of pastel-coloured wool, well my daughter Eileen did. She promised she would make something out of it.

A couple of days ago, my eldest daughter Viel emailed me a picture of what that pastel-coloured skein is working up to be.
Today she posted this progress photo on Facebook, and yes it was a Wow! moment for me.I love the way the colours are pooling.Yes, my firstborn is knitting. Yay! She is making a ribbed scarf out of the roaming bag yarn. And she is using the Denise Interchangeables that I left behind in Manila. Now she wants more yarn and cable needles and easy patterns, emphasis on easy.

Caroline from the knitting group suggested I start up a sort of yarn club for her. Put together a small bag of yarn, notion and a simple pattern for her to follow. I like that idea and will think of combinations for both my daughters. Perfect present for the holidays too!

Speaking of presents, I received my winner’s package from Sheri of The Loopy Ewe.
It contained Loopy Notes, a Loopy Ewe pin (so now I have two!) and a handmade bar of green tea soap. And of course yarn – three skeins of it!
Aren’t they pretty? I feel so spoiled! This here is All Things Heather Superwash Merino-Bamboo-Nylon mix in Shades of Rose.
Bellamoden Superwash Merino Sport in Nori.
And the cream of the crop, Wollmeise 100% Superwash in Campari Piccolo.
One more look at the loot. Any ideas on what I should knit with these?

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