Finally, a shawl

Sometime before we went on holiday, I did another silk paint dye job on wool. I just never got around to posting photos of the process and the final product. Until now.

I loved the results of the red/coral dye I used the first time so I decided to do it again, this time with blues and purples. I used my natural Wollmeise 80/20 Twin and three different shades of Elbesoie dye. If I remember correctly I used Ultramarine Blue and Prussian Blue. I can’t remember the third one.
I hardly used these paints but they don’t go off so that’s great. I bought these back in 1996 when I took silk painting lessons from a fine arts teacher in Sharjah.
It was small private class with just 4 of us plus the teacher. One of the first projects we made was a colour chart of all the colours Paula, our teacher had available. The first, third and fifth columns were the paints applied undiluted on the silk fabric. The even row columns are the same paints diluted with a bit of water.
And you have to use your imagination of the dyeing process because I failed to take photos. Dyeing is so involved a process which means I always forget to peel off the gloves and take photos.

I do have the final dyed and steamed skein, shown here after rinsing and while it’s hanging out to dry.
Apparently dark blues and purples are the colours for Sagittarians. Perfect choice of dye for me then! I decided to call this skein Sagittarian Sky.
I like how the darker Prussian Blue mixed it all up.
When Kate came out with her second design, a beautiful shawl called Multnomah, I knew I just had to use this skein for it. It’s a garter stitch shawl with a delicate feather and fan edging.
This is only the 4th shawl in my knitting portfolio, and it is going so well. I am now on the second repeat of the edging. I hope to cast off soon and show it off to the knitting group this Friday.

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