Once in a Blue Moon

Have I ever told you how much I love Ravelry? I have, haven’t I? Well, I’ll never get tired of saying it.

I love Ravelry!

And I love the people within the knitting community. They’re such lovely, generous people. Just recently I met another lovely knitter on Ravelry when I inquired about a trade she was looking for. A few PMs later and voila, we arranged to exchange a few skeins of Socks That Rock.

Liette wasn’t feeling the mediumweight love and I have recently acquired a newfound love for all things mediumweight. Seemed like the perfect trade: her mediumweight skeins for my lightweights. I sent her my Ruby Slippers, Midsummer’s Night, Ravenscroft and Prove It All Night.

In exchange, she sent me these pretty, pretty skeins of STRs plus one other.
I already own one skein of this from the Rockin’ Sock Club kit but it’s so pretty so I said yes when she offered. Meet Gertrude Skein.
This was the skein that started us talking: Ruby Slippers. She had this in mediumweight and I had it in lighweight. It looks like a lighter version of Mustang Sally.
Here’s one colourway that I have always admired when knitted up but never really gave it a second look. It is so pretty. Atomic 6, baby.
This colourway is another one which has been doing the rounds in the sock KALs and others but never really visited my shopping cart. Bella Coola is everything they all say it is.
And the one extra skein which I purchased from her: my very first skein of a Mama Blue yarn! Sea Merino in a nice pale blue/grey colourway called Sterling. The excitement behind this is that the yarn is so sought after that you won’t find much stock when it hits the shops.
They are all so pretty. I am thinking about knitting an Ishbel with the Mama Blue because the projects I’ve seen on the yarn page looks really great. I can’t stop looking at the yarn. They are all so gorgeous.
Okay, one final photograph. Five beauties all in a row.

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