People are people

I have no problem dealing with people. After all, I work in a Client Services oriented business and see, talk to and interact with people from various backgrounds and cultures on a daily basis. I owe it to my first boss who got me started with self-correspondence on paper which then progressed to talking to clients on the telephone and then, naturally, face-to-face meetings.

For a 23-year old it was kind of scary being let loose knowing you have limited knowledge on the subject and would mostly be winging it!

But that’s how you learn most things in life. You get thrown in the deep end and you rely on only yourself to make it to the shallows, or at least the side of the pool so you can hold on to the edge!

This is why one of my worst pet peeves at work is when people give you the run around, finding all the excuses not to make that call or send that email or go and meet the client who is waiting downstairs when there is no one else for them to see. Or people who are happy to just push emails and paper day in, day out and end up not learning people-skills. Drives me nuts!

This post is about people, but not this kind of people. It’s pretty people in the office. I love practising my portrait skills with co-workers, and they are almost always willing to participate!

Here are the three lovely ladies I always go to lunch with. They’re always game for some photos!
Andrew, yes? That’s how he answers the phone, and he loves the camera! He almost always has a walk-in part in Tim’s TV interviews. Turns out celebrity runs in his family, his little half-sister stars in Broadway musicals.
We got Orange Shirt Lady to put on a fake mole using liquid eyeliner. You can’t see it properly here though because she put it in that spot where her mouth creases when she smiles.
And there’s the fake mole! This shot needed another stop of exposure I think.Didn’t I tell you they love the camera?Yes, it was early in the morning in the office and the bosses were not around. Otherwise they would not be posing like this.
Staff birthday parties are always a great opportunity for portraits.
Or just any ordinary day when people want to have fun for a bit…
When I bring my camera to work, they just start posing!
See what I mean?
I hope you enjoyed this little post, which has been stewing in my draft folder for a while now.

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