Summer Bloom

I have not been taking many photos lately. When I do it’s usually my knitting projects. This photography class I’m taking should help remedy that shortly esp as we are about to embark on our first outdoor activity this coming Friday. How exciting!

Yesterday, we spent time at my mother-in-law’s place at the Green Community. In between doing a couple batches of laundry, getting the barbecue ready and knitting on my socks, I managed to take some photos of flowers around the garden.

I have no idea what this flower is called but there were lots of them when I was in elementary school.
Of course I had to whip out the extension tubes and attempt some macro shots! This poor bud is one of the first victims.
While her sister came next. I find this lack of colour a bit frustrating but I got some water droplets so I’m cool.
Okay, let’s zoom in a bit more, shall we? There.This is from the next pot and again I think it’s a bit washed out but the bright pink makes up for it.
Finally, some colour! Sunshine yellow too!And a couple of little pink ones.
Okay so these are not flowers but I couldn’t resist. We had these grilled for dinner. Yum.

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