More knitting

I’ve been on a knitting kick recently and loving it!

I finished little projects which were not really in my queue but had to be done just because. The first one is a beret, yes I know! Me, wearing a beret? Never! Well, actually I wore a beret through the last two years of high school as a CAT officer. It’s a blue beret with our school logo and it’s part of our military uniform. We all thought it was tacky but it worked and we were probably one of the smartest looking companies to ever be formed.

This beret is such a lovely pattern to knit. The pattern reminded me the Hurricane Hat! I still had one and a bit skein of the yarn and it didn’t even take half of the full skein.Project: Reverie on the Rocks
Pattern: Reverie by Amy Swenson
Yarn: Socks That Rock Heavyweight
Colourway: Corbie, 0.5 skein
Needle: 3.5mm
Cast on: 29 July 2009
Cast off: 8 August 2009
Notes: I cast on for the larger size but now it looks a bit to roomy, still nice though. Also I may have lost track of the decrease rounds so fudged it along until I felt it was enough to cast off.

My nephew Arvie found one of Patrick’s Blue Toasties and asked me to make another one so he can have a pair. Luckily I still have leftover of the same yarn (plus a full skein!) so I whipped this one up one afternoon.

I will have to make another pair and send to Patrick at some stage – he would be looking for his Toasty when winter comes!
Project: Half a Toasty (okay so does this even count as a project?)
Pattern: Toasty by Yuliya Sullivan
Yarn: Artyarns Supermerino
Colourway: SM132, 0.7 skein
Needle: 4.5mm
Cast on & off: 7 August 2009

This latest FO is one of so far my most cherished work. This is made especially for my youngest son, Patrick, who is missing me so much (he said so last Friday over much sobbing on the phone!) and who is missed terribly! I started this project for someone else last January but I had other things in mind and I guess it was not meant to be then.

My brother and his wife and going home in a few weeks for their annual holiday so I had motivation to get started and finish this little project. Which I did! I am so proud of myself! I hope Patrick likes him.
He is such a lovely little knit and great for using leftover yarn. I will probably do one more, or maybe two.Here is a photo with me to show you how he measures up in real life. Squishy little thing!
Project: Candy Trunks
Pattern: Elefante by Susan B. Anderson
Yarn: Lion Brand Cotton Print
Colourway: Candy Colours, 0.85 skein
Needle: 3.5mm
Cast on: 3 August 2009
Cast off: 7 August 2009
Notes: I knitted the ears, instead of the crochet using this recipe shared by BakerX in Ravelry. I placed the head slightly higher up than shown on the sample project mainly because Bernie didn’t like that the trunk touches the ground. I was supposed to use the safety eyes which Charmaine gave me before (thanks!) but I couldn’t find the washer so I just stitched the eyes with black yarn. And I added tufts of hair! I was never sure about how much fiber fill to use but thought he needed to look bulky so I kept stuffing it in.

Well, that concludes this little edition of show-and-tell. I’ll be back with more soon.

On the needles are my Dippers socks for the Socks That Rawk Q3 KAL, another pair of Funky Booties for a lucky mother-to-be, a pair of fingerless gloves for nephew Arryl and I will shortly be casting on for a test knit. yes, I volunteered to test knit a triangular shawl for a first-time designer in Ravelry and I am so excited about it. Just verifying a couple more issues with the designer and then I will cast on. I even wound the yarn I intend to use and got the Knit Picks interchangeables ready last night.

Exciting knitting ahead!

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