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It’s all about the socks! I swear I didn’t plan on getting hooked knitting socks but it just happened, you know? One moment I was shaking my head at those knitters who rave about socks like they’re the biggest thing since sliced bread and the next I’m hoarding sock patterns and yarn and needles! How did that happen?

I may have an idea.

Sock patterns are all over the place and I mean everywhere! There are fellow knitters who blog offering free downloadable patterns (God bless you all!). There are books and magazines with detailed instructions on how to construct a sock from the toe up or from the cuff down, but I bet there is an obscure book or manual out there where you start the sock from the heel and then work your way outward!

If you’re a sock knitter, or even if you’re not, you will have no trouble finding yarn for your craft. There are so many out there, you will be spoiled for choice. Personally, I have not ventured farther than superwash merino, pure merino and merino/nylon mix so far, but recently seeing all these cashmere/merino/nylon blends around has caught my eye.

DPNs or circulars? Whatever rocks your sock, baby! I have tried all three methods of knitting socks: double-pointed needles, magic loop and two circulars and have to admit that I have no favourite. I am comfortable using either of these methods. It’s just that sometimes I find one method would be best suited for a particular pattern, or if I know I will be moving in and out of the car and the house/office/mall so much then I will use a method that will be less likely to cost me a needle! One method I am interested in but have not the courage to try is two-at-a-time and I read just yesterday that Melissa Morgan-Oakes is coming up with a toe-up version of her best-selling book! Yay for toe-uppers!

And then of course there’s Ravelry. That’s where they all converge. It’s like a store filled to the rafters with shiny jars bursting with colourful, sugary candy. It’s heaven!

Speaking of socks, I have 2 sock projects on the go at the moment. My husband’s Tea Time Socks languished in back-burner a bit but I am now working on the gusset decreases of the second sock so I hope to finish that pair soon.

The second project is for the Sundara Shawl/Sock Swap. The first sock was a breeze although I had to fudge with the numbers to make sure they fit Emily’s feet perfectly! I’m still doubtful actually but prepared to knit a second pair for her if I fail on the first one. She sent me the yarn, Sundara Sock (der!) in Brambleberry but let me tell you this skein is just terrible to knit with. Sorry, Emily. It’s too rough. There are thick and thin bits. There was at least one knot which I hope won’t bother Emily much as it landed on the cuff. It may be how the dye reacted to the fibre but then again this is only the second time I knitted with Sundara Sock Yarn.

Skein problems aside, the pattern is divine and I’m a bit biased because this is the third time I am knitting Mintyfresh’s Leyburn Socks. I have a better handle on how to adjust the stitch count to accomodate the heel increases and at the same time making sure the quilted lace pattern fits right in. Plus I managed to follow the short row instructions for both the toe and the heel!

Here is the first sock done. Her sister will be joining her real soon.

I’m really getting into this sock-knitting groove. In fact, 5 out of my next 12 projects in queue are socks! I hope I find enough time to knit them all. And I think I am still a pair or two ahead on my sock-a-month goal for 2009. Go me!

These next two projects are wee ones, not socks but funky baby booties. Sock family nonetheless. Louise from our UAE Knitters Group shared this free recipe for Funky Baby Booties and I just had to try them. They are dead easy and so quick to knit. I ended up knitting two pairs last week as presents for baby boys soon to enter our world.

Project: Baby Booties
Pattern: Funky Booties by Louiseluvsyarn
Yarn: Artyarns Supermerino (colourway SM132) on the left and Crystal Palace Bunny Hop (colourway Seascape) on the right, used less than half a skein from leftovers
Needle: 4mm
Notes: I omitted the ribbon embellishment as these are going to boys

Okay, that should be enough buffer before I show you my July kit from the Rockin’ Sock Club. It’s beautiful!

I have a confession to make. This is the first time that I read the Dyer’s Notes from cover to cover. *hides in shame* I usually just dive in and pet the yarn and browse through the pattern but Tina’s notes this time around was compelling for me to ignore.

Here is my skein of Socks That Rock Lighweight in colourway Garden Daze. It’s a lovely blend of deep red, deep pink, yellow and green. The pattern is called In Season, designed by Melissa Morgan-Oakes.

The sock shown on the pattern has a lovely striping effect but Cristi reckons this is the small size because her sock is showing some other kind of striping and pooling. I guess I need to cast on to find out for myself!

Look at this lovely skein! When I first saw the skein in other blogs I was a bit blah about it as it reminded me of the wild colourways which I vowed never to purchase again unless I had an air-tight excuse. But then I saw the pattern and thought, hey this could work.
And the sticker that came with it is just perfect! I wonder if I could stick it on my desk at work?
The emergency skein is just too adorable too.

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