Going Japanese-ah!

This one goes out specially to my daughter Eileen…because she loves all things Japanese and wants us to go visit the land of cherry blossoms and sushi and Arashi and anime.
One day, anak, one day.

Bernie and I went to Dubai Festival City one Thursday evening, I met up with fellow knitter Debbie for a spot of light supper at IKEA and he went to peruse the shops. Great to catch up with Debbie and see her second Liesl knitted out of the exact colourway I wanted in Malabrigo Worsted. I showed off my then in-progress Liesl and got tips on how to spray-block the thing when finished.

After what seems like only 10 minutes with Debbie, but in reality about an hour and a half, Bernie and had a walkabout. We found this display of really gorgeous dolls around one of the foyers. Some dolls were freaky looking, you know like those ceramic dolls from a century or so ago with beady eyes and frizzy hair. But these ones caught my eye and good thing they were allowing photography. I just knew Eileen would love these!

So here you go, anak!

Yes, purple kimono. Now don’t you start nagging me to get you one!

I took this last photo just because I thought the baby llama was so cute!

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