Baby Shower

Edelyn’s having a baby!

She is 8 months pregnant and is expecting a boy. Me and the rest of the girls at work held a baby shower for her last week at Thai Chi, Wafi City. Great Thai/Chinese buffet, highly recommended.

They have plenty of salad starters and there’s a fresh Thai salad counter where the chef makes spicy papaya and seafood salad with crushed peanuts, chili and other spices. And the main course dishes were just yummy: Thai vegetable curry, tofu with black bean sauce, seafood with a creamy curry sauce, chicken and beef stir fries and a lot more and of course the ever-popular congee station. The dessert station was also bursting with yumminess. They had petit fours, banana in warm coconut milk, creme caramel, fresh fruits, date and walnut brownies and Swiss rolls. All for just AED125 per person!

Here is the glowing expectant mom. Doesn’t she look pretty?

Although she says her hair needs a trim! Oooh, that longan drink was just too delicious.

We gave her baby pressies which included baby clothes mostly. I knitted a newborn baby hat and a lap blanket for her baby, worked on it all of Friday and presented it to her the day after.Project: Baby Boo
Pattern: Improvised, just eyeballed the number of stitches to cast on and went for it
Yarn: Austermann Murano, colourway 01
Needle: 4.5mm

I was complaining that I am never in any of our photographs because no one could handle my DSLR properly. Somehow all the photos with me in it turn out blurry. So I put on the kit lens and got our hostess Janice to take this group photo. Not bad huh?

But then it was back to me behind the lens after that photo. Yes, ladies and gentlemen this is taken in the ladies room of the Pyramids, Wafi City. Bathrooms have great lighting you know? With great lighting at the lobby, I decided to start taking portraits of the girls. Using my Sigma 70mm lens, I took this shot of Jeeves and I have to say she is so stunning.
I have some more portraits of officemates coming up, just wanted to get this one posted. Also I will be posting more holiday photos.
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