Catching up Part 1

I am so behind on blogging, so I will cut these bits up into several parts.

A while ago, Jackie invited us to her twins’ 2nd birthday and Sierra Leone Day celebrations at their villa at the Springs. Bernie, Eileen, Patrick and I got to see Nathan and Nyah in traditional clothes as well as their friends most of whom came from the same orphanage where they grew up until Richard and Jackie brought them home.

They are such lovely children. The food was great too! There were some African dishes and drinks of course. And cake! but before I show you the cake, here are some photos of the gorgeous twins and their equally gorgeous Mum!

Nathan and his ever-present smile. How can you not warm up to this little fella?

Nyah tends to be shy but she does warm up to everyone after some time.
Nathan knows how to play up in front of teh camera!

Mum Jackie and the twins out in the garden…before it got too hot and sticky!

The picture of a happy family! But what’s that Jackie got in her hand? A knife!?!

Well, she’s got a pretty good reason to be holding a knife while the kids were around – she was cutting this cake. This gorgeous cake which had pretty marzipan animals around it until the rest of the kids got their hands on them and started tearing limbs and heads and tails. Glad I got a photo before the lion was snatched away. And it was quite delicious too!
It was a great day, my kids enjoyed it. Even though I didn’t get to see Jackie’s stash that day, fair enough as she had over a dozen guests in her home. I did get to see THE stash another day but let’s save that for another blog post.

After the birthday party, we went to pick up Joseph who met his friends at the Festival City. I had to take a photo of this shirt from one of the shops as it has my daughter’s name on it. I should have bought the shirt too!

I miss this little guy so much! he is enjoying school in Manila, but was recently out for a week due to cough and fever – not swine flu thank God! He’s giving his grandma and sisters a bit of a hard time though. If I had the money, I’d hop on a plane right now just to spend the weekend with him!
And yes, these photos were taken so long ago. Look, KFC even had the little Spock bobblehead toys then! May the Force be with you. Oops, wrong movie! By the way, I still haven’t seen Star Trek. When is the DVD out?

End of Part 1. Let me go brew up a cup of Irish Breakfast Tea and then tackle Part 2.

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