One, and probably the only, thing I love about going on holiday this year was coming back to a bunch of Shop & Ship parcels neatly stacked under my desk. I have a list of the items I knew were coming while I was away so I was excited to rip open the packaging and get to the goodies inside.

Two skeins of this beautiful, soft, smooth, plush Luscious Single Silk in Winter Solstice actually arrived the day before I was leaving. I left them behind, inside my desk drawer because all my other belongings were packed up in moving boxes and I didn’t want to take the risk of these beauties getting tossed about willy-nilly while I was gone. I got to fondle it a bit though before I left so it was all good.

These skeins will hopefully transform into a Shawl That Jazz (Rav link) for me.

This particular stash didn’t come in a box, it came in a rather sizeable box I think because Charmaine was kind enough to let us tag along in her recent Knit Picks shopping spree. I added 2 skeins each of the Shine Worsted in Terracotta, Hydrangea and Cream to make a larger Moderne Baby Blanket. I purchased 4 skeins of Alpaca Cloud in Grey (not sure what I will make with it, probably a shawl), 4 skeins of Essential Solids in Shiraz Tweed (can’t remember why!) and 2 skeins of Stroll Solids in Black Tweed . I am also the proud new owner of a set of blocking wires. Yay! They’re dead useful for shawls, can’t imagine what I’d do with my Shetland Triangles without them.One of the packages which excited me the most came bearing the next lot of stash. Fingering silky merino in Pale Sky over Sugared Violet. Sock yarns in Pine over Gold, Cobalt over Mediterranean and Charcoal over Blue Lagoon.

Yes, Sundara Yarn in all its rich glory. These are from the April Year in Colour, I think.
Here’s another Sundara beauty, courtesy of alimysunshine. Dark Jade in FSM, which came as a part of a swap in the Sundara Yarn Love Group over in Ravelry.
Alicia is the most thoughtful swap partner anyone could have and I am lucky to be her recipient. Look at what she sent me! An Irish-themed packaged, each item wrapped in tissue paper and tied up with a ribbon. How thoughtful is that?

The package included a photo book called Ireland from the Air, a calendar with photos of Ireland for every day of the year, a handmade card with a cute little butterfly, a box of Irish Breakfast Tea, a box of Shortbread Biscuits, a packet of Maltesers, dainty stitchmarkers, a sachet of lavender with hand embroidered designs and of course the yarn. I was spoiled rotten!
The next two skeins are from the Pride and Prejudice Sock Club which I think is the last mailing I am getting this year. Here is Mr. Bennet (Colourway: Withdrawn). Handsome huh?

Mrs. Bennet didn’t get quite lucky in the name department as this skein is called Sweet Fool. I’m not a fan of pink but this one is subtle enough for me. Also this skein has got bamboo in it so it should knit up as a cool garment.
I’m slacking on the sock club department because I have not knitted up any of the yarns I have received so far. Certainly not from the Rockin’ Sock Club! I guess I am a bit intimidated by the yarn and the designs. Just look at this latest mailing! It’s a skein called Pepe Le Plume which accompanied a pattern by JC Briar called Fraggle Squiggle Socks. It looks like a fun knit so if I did crack my RSC kits, I think I will start with this one.
I am not planning on buying any more yarn (unless there is a really great sale!) this year as I definitely have more than enough to tide me over.

I’ve been avoiding online shops like the plague and going to Manila for a month helped a lot to condition me. I suppose diving through my stash every time I need a skein because they are all still in boxes helps me appreciate what I already have.

I will say this though: I will definitely re-up for RSC 2010 and a few other select clubs. I think this will keep my purchase limit down and my stash-building a bit calmer in the coming year.

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