Dragon Rider

My Shur’tugals are done. I cast off last night and the socks are now on blockers.

I would have finished them sooner but as I was nearing the end of the toe decreases on the second sock, I couldn’t help but notice that the end of the pattern on the first sock was wrong. I tried ‘reading’ the stitches but couldn’t match it to anything on the pattern. Since I am a little OCD sometimes and I had enough yarn leftover, I ripped the first toe back to the end of the instep pattern and followed the toe chart. It look ed much better after that.

Alice Yu of Socktopus designed this pattern which is free to download and has been a true joy to knit. it works well with semisolids and muted hand dyes. Not sure yet on multicolours though.

Things I learned from knitting this pattern include my newest favourite technique: the double tail cast on. It gives the cuffs a rolled edge and it is quite stretchy. I have used it in another project recently and I think I will stick to this unless it does not suit the pattern. I have one bone to pick about the dyelot though on the skein. There is a weird smattering of light spots on the second sock, noticeably on the ribbing and the top part of the leg. I’ll try and take a photo when I can so you can see. Other than that the colourway is gorgeous. It was one of the first purchases I made from BMFA.

Okay then, photos and details on the project. My socks. My feet. I love how snug they are and yet very comfortable.
Project: Rockin’ Shur’tugals
Pattern: Shur’tugal by Alice Yu
Yarn: Socks That Rock Lightweight
Colourway: Midsmummers Night
Needles: US1.5/2.5mm
Cast On: 31 Mar 2009
Cast Off: 29 Apr 2009
Notes: Followed the pattern to the letter and it worked out really well.

This was how much yarn I have leftover. I’m slowly building up leftovers and I’m thinking about making Granny Squares with them for the CAL in the Socks That Rawk Group in Ravelry.
Detail of the pattern, maybe not so clear but it is pretty. Like Saphira’s scales. The heel is awesome too. Like a dragon’s claws reaching up from underneath the foot. I made sure I did the pick-ups better this time so they are not gaping, and the extra stitch on the gusset? I made two so as to tighten it even more?And I like this new toe. Narrower decreases so they look neater. I might adopt this too for all my future top-down socks.This puts me slightly ahead of my 12-pairs-in-2009 target. This pair makes #6. I have one more WIP which I hope to finish next week plus #8 is being cast on as we speak.

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