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Every once in a while, our Admin Team gets treated out to lunch. By that I mean maybe twice a year. We are a hardworking bunch, you know. We do take lunches on our own as incentive to having worked really hard for a particular month when we feel like rewarding ourselves.
Last week, one of our senior Wealth Managers took almost all of us out to lunch. It was perfect timing as well because the top two bananas are out of the country and we had less workload. We left in two separate cars and met up at Joe’s ofice about 10 minutes away. We had a quick look at his office, which was right in front of a Metro Station, perfect for those who commute to work every day.

I’ve been to Joe’s office before and it looks okay, although the way there is a bit confusing with all the road works going on around the area. It should clear up nicely though when the Metro station is done.

Here is a photo of some of the girls at The Dynamic Zone (Jo’es office) HQ.
On the other side of the room, we have Maria, Prashanth and Edelyn And Dynamic Joe Capaldi himself.

Joe’s office is in the Gold and Diamond Park and there is a More Cafe on the ground floor. I am acquainted with More Cafe’s excellent sandwiches and in particular their banana-berry yoghurt smoothie which I get at their smaller outlet at the Emirates Academy down the road from our office, so I was looking forward to the wider menu at the bigger outlet.
I think it was clear from the outset that teh menu was indeed awesome because we had a tough time selecting our main courses. No appetizers this time as it was almost 1pm and we all just wanted to get right down to it. Their special for the day was 500g of prawns cooked in a creamy soup base with a serving of house salad and garlic bread. Four people from our table ordered the special.

As you can see, Clara was having a tough time deciding what to order. I think she ended up with the lamb and pasta.

Here’s Edelyn with the banana-berry concoction.
I love this shot. Jezzel in focus with Edelyn in the foreground and Jenny in the back, all blurry.
Maria contemplating her generous plate of Paella. It did look so good.

Edelyn and I played it safe, we had the rib-eye steak in peppercorn sauce with mashed potato and a side salad. It was not that big but it was melt-in-your-mouth good and the peppercorn sauce was amazing.

One side of the large table Joe reserved for us. Everyone digging in merrily into their food.
And this is the other side of the table.
Hazel, at the far corner, was so engrossed in her 1/2 kg of prawns that she was not involved in the conversation going around. I tried to sneak a photo of her and the prawns but she looked up at the last minute.
Dessert! I didn’t think we would have time (or space!) for desserts but Joe insisted. Here’s Maria and the strawberry cheesecake. I settled for the pot of fresh mint green tea which I shared with Hazel.
Jeeves was taken aback by the presentation of her Cinammon Cluster. Don’t let the look fool you, the damn thing was delicious.
Although Joe was a true-blooded Scotsman, he asked for fresh strawberries and a scoop of ice cream for his dessert.
Jeeves and Edelyn can never say no to a photo opportunity. Edz is positively glowing, don’t you think? That’s thanks to the baby growing inside her – she’s 18 weeks pregnant.

Joe and his angels. Not everyone managed to get in the shot thoughm as they were busy checking out the rest of the restaurant. Apparently they do weekend brunches at AED95 per adult! That’s both Friday and Saturday, folks.
This was Joe’s reaction when he saw the bill. Nah, just kidding. I caught him unaware and I decided to keep the photo anyway.It was a great afternoon. None of us wanted to go back to the office, we were all full and could only think of taking a nap. We struggled anyway and with only 2 huors left in the day, we managed to do a bit more productive work before calling it quits.

It was a good day. I hope we can do it again after the summer.

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