Flamenco Red

After having a bit of success with my first Kool Aid and Elbesoie dye job using the Malabrigo Sock Yarn, I couldn’t sit tight knowing I have so many other colours and 4 skeins of Wollmeise 80/20 Twin to play with.

So on Saturday afternoon, I laid out the materials and this time I remembered to take photos! Here are the ingredients:

1 skein of Wollmeise 80/20 Twin Natural
a pot of water and vinegar mixture for soaking
3 different Elbesoie colours (Coral, Carmine and Vermillion)
cling wrap

vinyl glovesI selected the colours using the sampler I had for my silk painting projects. I wanted different shades of red so I chose these three colours. I wasn’t sure about Coral as it was on the orange-y side. Vermillion was my frst choice as it was a ‘true’ red. Carmine was a Chinese red and would make a nice blend with the other two colours.
Yarn soaked, table cling-wrapped, colours mixed with water and we’re ready to go.
See how the Coral (cup on the foreground) looks orange?
This is where you need ot use your imagination because I had my colour-stained, vinyl-covered gloves so I had to time to take a photograph of the dye-soaked skein. Plus the colour was dripping on our white ceramic floor!

Here is the yarn after steaming for 30 minutes. Cooling down before being rinsed out.

And I bring you a freshly rinsed and squeezed skein of Flamenco Red Wollmeise, that’s what I’m calling this colourway. The skein is shown here ready for air-drying. Red is so difficult to photograph.
I thought taking a photograph in natural light would help but it was just as tough.

The skein dried compeltely overnight and this is what it looked like. Yarn gamour shots now.

So, what do you think?

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