I’m a Sock Addict

The fridge and pantry were bare so had to get up from the couch and go food shopping today. God help me and Bernie once the kids are tucked away in Manila. I wonder if we’ll ever use the stove and the pots and pans again?

First stop was food, as in lunch at Deira City Centre. I was after comfort so to hell with the carbs, I had a nice warm plate of Indian fried rice, chicken tikka and butter chicken with really nice naan and yoghurt. No burgers today, thanks.
Patrick wanted to get something from McDonalds and was all pouty when I said no. He doesn’t realise how cute he gets when he’s cranky. Of course my camera was on hand to capture the cranky cuteness.
She didn’t like that I tied her fringe up like this. I had to take a photo before she yanked the elastic off. Doesn’t she look better with all that hair off her face?
I am having tremendous fun knitting my first pair of Spring Forward in Sundara Sock. I’m also using Harmony circs for the first time. I am very wary of these needles because I’m afraid I will snap them in half at some point. But they are really sturdy, even for teeny 2.5’s. And really smooth and warm to the touch. Thanks again, Hala!
So this was the state of the first sock when we left the house at around 1.30pm. I was doing the heel flap and by the time we got back I am decreasing the gusset. Such an easy knit, but not so plain that it is boring. At the rate I’m going I will probably finish this pair before the Shur’tugals. Yes, it’s official, I’m addicted to sock knitting.
For whatever reason, I have decided to do some Kool Aid dyeing tonight. I wanted blues so I took out the grape and berry packets and *gulp* my skein of natural Malabrigo sock. Help!
Here is the yarn ready to take a bath. Photos of the process and the finished, dyed skein will be posted shortly.

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