Rainy Days and Mondays

It was one of those days. Lazy, rainy, kinda boring except it wasn’t really.

For one, I got my March RSC kit today. Hence the newly created spoiler button. And the plenty of random photos to push the spoilery pics way down.

I wore my Leyburns to work today. Here’s proof.I took photos around the office. This is Ahmed’s nice green desk plant.This is Phil’s model Merc posing on the plant pot for me. Actually Ahmed put it there. And I met Jackie for lunch where she finished turning the heel of her first sock. Isn’t it cool?

Speaking of socks, this here is the lovely, gorgeous-beyond-words skein of the March sock club kit. Gertrude Skein in STR Mediumweight with shades of pinks, creams, greens and browns. Just like a rose bush with its rogue roses.

So pretty.

I wound it up because I think I will knit the pattern soon, designed by no less than Stephanie Pearl McPhee (yes…THAT Stephanie!).

One sad note is this knot, which appeared quite early in the skein. Funny thing is that the knot is only on one ply. Does that really happen?

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