It’s the new black

I have plenty of purple shades in my stash and WIPs. How did that happen?

Here is one I can tick off my list and be happy about. I finished my first Clapotis shawl. Finally! I enjoyed knitting this when I started but then I think it bored me at some point so I picked up other projects. It kept taunting me when I go near the WIP bin. Finishing my FLS recently I think gave me a boost to finish hibernating projects and the Clapotis was on top of the list, esp as I need to take it home, blocked and wrapped, for my Mom.

The last 13 stitches. Thank God for TV nights, I sailed through to this point without any glitches.
Here she is in all her glory!
She’ll be wrapped and tucked away for her long journey home. I hope my Mom loves it.
Project: Shawl for Mom
Pattern: Clapotis by Kate Gilbert
Yarn: Elann Bamboo Fusion
Colourway: Wisteria, 7 skeins
Cast on: 16 Sept 2008
Cast off: 24 Mar 2009
Notes: Followed the pattern to the letter.

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