You asked for it

I fell in love with my FLS again when I saw it for the first time in the light. The blue and green shades came out and the buttons are just lovely I think.

Last photo like this, I promise.

So I wore it on Friday. Lovely drape, it feels so good. It’s airy enough to be worn on mild days and the wool is warm enough to keep the cold at bay when inside say, a cinema or the mall. Photo taken by my daughter who was close to tears in frustration because I kept asking her to take more photos in this angle and that. This one I think is the best of the bunch.

I look like a miserable old git. With a beautiful sweater like that, who cares?

Half a sock, modeled by Aibi who pinched this project from right under her brother’s nose. Which means I have to knit another pair of Thujas in the near-future, or maybe Campfire Socks for Joseph.
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