Knitting Friday

Due to an unavoidable situation on the home front, I was unable to make it to the meet-up with the Dubai Knitters today. I was so looking forward to meeting new members of the group and felt that I let them down. Ladies, I am truly sorry. I will make it up to you onour next meeting. Just let me know when and I will make sure I clear that day.
I hope you had a great time today. From the looks of Jackie’s comments, there was never a dull moment!
Well, I stayed at home dealing with family stuff -all good stuff btw, just won’t let me get out – and by late afternoon it had calmed down and I was able to knit. The family saw the FLS and ooh’d and aah’d, they didn’t even notice the shift in colour on the bodice – yay!
I bound off the bottom garter edge doing a *k2tog, slip back to left needle* all around. Seems stretchier than the usual bind off. I am doing both sleeves alternately working from either end of the ball. The colour seems okay, no drastic changes. I have plenty of yarn so I will do a hefty 3/4 sleeve length.
In the meantime I want to share photos. Gull lace landscape…it’s pretty, if I say so myself!

I wanted a wider bottom edge but thought it would be overkill.

And I may have just been bitten by the Hurricane Hat bug. Here’s my second one well underway using the leftover Luscious Single Silk. I think I can churn out two hats with this leftover. The pattern is so addictive.

Lindsay, you should definitely knit one asap.
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