Traffic’s being a bitch again lately. We spend so much time on the road, it’s not even funny. I wish I could knit every time we get stuck in the car but either I’m too tired and sleepy or it’s already too dark to knit. Today was different though. I started the toe decreases in the morning and stopped 4 rows in when we got to the office. I picked it up again on the drive back. By 6.45pm, in the dying light of the sun, I drew the last 8 stitches closed and announced the first sock for my father finished.

The tail lights from the cars provided great lighting for this glamour shot.

Sock number 2 wil be cast on tonight.

The giant asparagus in the office garden has sprouted flowers. Interesting yellow ones. I still don’t know what it is called but I like it.

We made a stop at my sister’s place to look at their laptop which has been acting strange. I was glad to have caught up with the kids because it’s been two weeks since I last saw Ronan and Isabelle. The little lady has been having high fever lately which I suspect is due to some infection. She was in high spirits as usual though.

My sister bought a Mancala game set, which my mother does not agree with because of the ‘house burning’ aspect of the game. The kids love it though esp Ronan who was trying to figure out the trick to winning the game. Isabelle, on the other, hand, loved the shiny colourful stones. Look, she’s wearing the Pink Toasties!
As a result, we got home late and Patrick was already asleep when I came in. I’m sure he’ll hop on to my side of the bed some time during the night. He always does that during the weekend.

Catch you all later.

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