PSing delights

I love movies! I like nothing more than going to the cinema to watch the latest blockbuster. Or if it’s an older film I haven’t seen yet, I set aside movie night at home with my feet up the stool and snacks within arm’s reach.

So when Lee and Jen suggested we did a round robin challenge over at KISSed Muses which involves made-up movie posters, I nearly went loco with excitement. To be honest I cannot remember now who did the first round but here are the ‘posters’ I made for my movies.

I was in a serious Joss Stone phase a while ago esp after learning that we share the same first name. Plus I also managed to get some very nice high-res photos of her. The earring on this photo was the main inspiration for my movie. I could see Joss in one of those flowing gypsy skirts with a colourful head scarf and beautiful handmade jewellery. I didn’t have any leading man in mind when I made this. Who do you think would be perfect for Joss?
I wanted to do something fun for my next round and when I found a series of fantasy photo shoot with Drew Barrymore I knew I had my stock pic. I thought this film would be like a fairytale on Ecstacy. Doesn’t Drew look cute here though?

Being a scifi geek, I had to do something in the genre. The stock pics were perfect as they are so I just blended the two images and added the shapes as textures and conjured up the text to go with it. Although looking at it now, I have no idea what I was thinking! I mean, Viggo and Christina? I can’t even see the chemistry!
Lee, fancy giving this old thing another go?
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